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Melissa Goodrich grew up in a dome on a hill in Minnesota.  She grew up with tornadoes and a piano in a loft.  She grew up in winters thick as frosting.  She grew up with mosquito bites up her arms.  She grew up with dogs and a cat flattened by a garage door.  Melissa grew up beside the woods, dreaming of the wolves inside them.


She received her BA in Creative Writing from Susquehanna University and her MFA in Fiction from the University of Arizona.  Her stories have appeared in American Short Fiction, The Kenyon Review Online, Passages North, PANK, and others, and she is the author of the collection Daughters of Monsters and the chapbook IF YOU WHAT.  She has taught creative writing, composition, and humanities at the University of Arizona and BASIS.


Melissa Goodrich lives in the desert now, with her partner and a rabbit small as a flour sack.  She is mystified by the river frogs smaller than pennies, by the white-hot, shadeless sun, by the mountains making a circle around the city.  She writes stories with magic in them.  She writes sentences slowly, sometimes only five or ten at a time.