The Girl Who Turns to Rabbits

forthcoming from Squalorly Lit.  Companion piece to "The Boy Who Turns to Toads" (Necessary Fiction) by Dana Diehl

The Floating Away School

Indianola Review, 2016. Written in collaboration with Dana Diehl

‘There is no need for anyone to be standing up,’ she barks, even though our desks are sliding slantwise towards the windows. Our Trapper Keepers do cartwheels. Ramona covers her mouth, is going to be sick. But our teacher, Ms. Susan, is steady as a barbell. She is a physicist. A horseback rider. No stranger to momentum.

The Classroom Beneath Our Classroom

Passages North, 2016.  Written in collaboration with Dana Diehl

Sometimes in the gaps between lessons, those rare moments when no one is whispering or coughing or tapping their marker against the desk leg or humming without knowing it or sharpening their pencil, we hear them. The classroom beneath our classroom.

Pioneer Woman

Past Simple, 2016

I split open a bird.
I spit into the fire.
The dog comes when I whistle.
The logs heave.
The smoke encircles like snakes, then lifts.


 Artful Dodge, 2016

Eric barely fits. Dad has to fold him over. He can’t get the zipper all the way closed—there’s this bump, on one end, because of the head.

She Wants, She Gets

Sundog Lit, 2016

Every night at midnight Cinderella turns to ashes. She lies down in the fireplace and turns to soot. At dawn, she turns into something else. Today she turns to fire. It’s a terrible life.

Daughters of Monsters

Gigantic Sequins, 2016

She washes them with milk and they blink. She washes them with blood and they breathe.

The Reappearing Man

Revolver Magazine, 2015

Once you’re sawed in half. Once you’re turned into birds. Once you free yourself from the straitjacket through a key your assistant passed to you when she kissed you. Once you turn a cat into a lobster underwater.

Anna George

Passages North, 2015

Your parents go on a trip overseas and your mother comes back as an orange and your father doesn’t come back at all.

These 13 Certain Things

PANK, 2014

Robin lifts her feet off the floor as the plane leaves the runway. She heard a rumor once of babies born in space and she totally bought it, soaked it up like mollusks suck ships.
Out in our backyard, my brothers started picking superpowers and I chose ‘breathe water.’


Word Riot, 2014

All of the boys in school are breaking their hands.
He was snipping right at the wing. He was just going to let her fall. He was going to cut an angel straight out of a tree from the sky.

Telephone: A Story in First Sentences

Artifice Magazine, 2011

Everything is in the infinitive.
Everything is in the future tense.

The Vanishing Horse

Noo Weekly, 2011

Inside the horse is another slightly smaller horse.


Killauthor, 2011

So everything’s stuck together until it’s somehow unstuck. A dolphin moves. A thousand dolphins move.

The Astronaut

American Short Fiction, 2011

So how do you feel about astronauts? he types. He is so lonely. The whole universe is cosmic mayhem. Just look at the stars! So fucking many.

The Love-Hate Theses

Phoebe, 2011

There’s trays and trays of babies here.

For Good

PANK, 2010

Because I want him to stay, I take him into the woods, couched in snow and the dotted lines of deer tracks.

Craft Essays

Diving Into the Faery Handbag: On Fabulism

Electric Lit, 2016

“Fabulism makes the emotional reality the actual reality. It’s more real to confront your demons when they are in the room with you. So, you can’t escape. Amber Sparks writes that ‘It’s a perfect time to turn ourselves inside out by turning the world around us outside in.’ Meaning fabulism privileges how it feels –it’s real because it feels real.”

Awards & Fellowships

2016 Tucson Festival of Books Fiction Award, for the story "Anna"

2016 Pushcart Prize Nomination, for the story "Anna George"

2013 Margaret Sterling Memorial Award, for the poems “Hence/Literally/OED/Obsolete,” “Selections from the Iliad,” “Insider”

2013 AWP Intro Award, for the story "Lucky"

2012 Academy of American Poets Prize, for the poems “Rattles,” “Two Directions,” “Watch Stopped Sort of Prophetically on a Plane,” & others

2012 Fourth and Verse Chapbook Contest winner, for the chapbook IF YOU WHAT

2012 Laverne Harrell Clark Fiction Award – Honorable Mention, for the story "Birthday People" 

2012 University of Arizona Foundation Award, for the poem “On Lonely and Letting It" 

2011 Juliet Gibson Memorial Award for Outstanding Student Writer, selected by Nick Ripatrazone, for the short story "Concealed" 

2010 Fellowship for the Bucknell Seminar for Younger Poets 

2010 Juliet Gibson Memorial Award for Outstanding Student Writer, selected by Catherine Pierce, for the poems  "if God were a spider" and others