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Disclaimer: I love Dana Diehl.  I'm midway through her star-shark of a debut and hanging tight to her kite-tails of sentences.  These stories are explorers and untamable animals and worriers (in the best way).  Her book makes me want to become a scientist, to climb cliff-faces or trees.  Here are some sentences I've already underlined:

Underwater, I felt like an animal, hot-blooded and full of possibility.

We wonder if the whale knows we’re here, if she sensed the moment she became a container for something smaller than herself.

... mountains soft as flannel, of castles built on sleeping volcanoes...

Once, my daughter was a fist of cells... Once, my blood was her blood.

The girl felt disconnected, and the more disconnected she felt, the louder it seemed she had to be.

We tie our shoelaces together so that if one of us falls into intestines, we both will.