7 Randomized Prompts

pick a number, any number

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  1. Steal any sentence from page 19 in whatever book is closest to you.  For me, it’s, “He hid above the pasture.”

  2. Pick a number between 1 and 31. Or use a random number generator to pick that number for you.  Complete the corresponding Winter Tangerine Writing Prompt from their magnificent NaPoWriMo prompts.

  3. Write a story using at least ten words that first appeared in print the year you were born.

  4. Use a DnD die (or an online generator) to determine how successful your characters are in your story.

  5. The forecast dictates something about your story - the pace, the tone, the number of characters of your story, etc.  Create the constraints yourself, then apply.

  6. One of the last 30 tweets you “liked” is the premise for your piece. Such as @LizHackett tweeting, “I opened my front door and saw a coyote in the yard and said ‘Oh, sorry’ and closed the door like I'd walked in on an unlocked bathroom stall.”

  7. Spin the Scholastic Story Starter or DIY MFA Writer Igniter. Spin and spin and spin.

from  Winter Tangerine’s   National Poetry Month Prompts

from Winter Tangerine’s National Poetry Month Prompts